Welcome everyone! Each of you are invited to our wedding because you have been a positive part of our lives in some way. We are so happy and excited to share our day with you. We have created this website to keep everyone updated with information that may be useful to you while we plan our wedding. We have family/friends scattered all over and we know you all have busy lives. It means so much to have all our loved ones supporting us. For all of you who will be attending, all of the information for our wedding and fun events will be available for you here.

After four long years of our long distance relationship, we are excited to celebrate the start of the next chapter of our lives with you. For those of you who will be coming in from the mainland, we have provided you with a few suggestions of places to stay. We hope you will decide to make a vacation out of this and join in the entire week’s festivities. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone in just a few months!

Jamie & Lisa
Tues, 1 April
Wed, 2 April
Thurs, 3 April
Fri, 4 April
Sat, 5 April
Sun, 6 April
  • Bridal party arrives on Oahu
  • Bachelor Party
  • Bachelorette Party
  • Wedding Ceremony & Reception
  • Relaxation and Recovery
  • Formal celebrations conclude

Continue to check back as we get closer to wedding day. Timeline and details to follow!
Wedding Location

The wedding will take place at the Tiki Moon Villas located in Laie, Hawaii.

55-367 Kamehameha Hwy, Laie, Hawaii 96762


Note: Due to the various intentions of our guests during the week-long festivity and the multitude of options available, there will be no formal block of rooms reserved at any particular establishment.

North Shore
The closest hotel to the wedding festivities is the famous Turtle Bay Resort.

About an hour away from the ceremony location, Waikiki is home to tens of resorts and hotels.

If the resort scene isn't your thing or you want to possibly be within stumbling distance to the wedding, several guests will also be staying in one of the many beachfront vacation rentals located in Laie. The Vacation Rentals by Owner link to the right contains several listings near the wedding ceremony location.
Stevie Baer – Best Man – Moreso a title than a literal description, especially if playing mid – He met Jamie while deciphering a French professor’s Greek notation in a Dynamics course at Georgia Tech. Eventually he joined the infamous 422 apartment. He enjoys his position as an F-35 Flight Test Engineer at Edwards AFB, CA and letting his friends die on the Fields of Justice.
Dr. Benjamin Hammelman, Groomsman – Interventional Radiologist, eldest brother, only hope for a Hammelman to earn the Nobel Prize – He grew up with Jamie, throwing around frisbees and traveling on Caravan mission trips. He enjoys operating multimillion dollar spinning magnets, India Pale Ales that make your face fall off, and having an ambiance that would intimidate Clay Matthews.
Mark Hammelman, Groomsman – Tennis Pro, brother, greater Los Angeles area poker rounder – He grew up with Jamie, often telling him to “stop hitting himself” over and over again. Mark enjoys teaching famous people how to play tennis, building massive downhill snow sled tunnels, and cuddling by the fire with his kitten, Stella.
Eric Bolten, Groomsman – hunk of a Computer Scientist, Jack Dorsey’s professional cyber bouncer – He met Jamie as a member of the 422 apartment at Georgia Tech, and got to know Jamie while waiting in line at Wal-mart for 36 hours for a 225% resale profit margin on the Playstation 3. He enjoys the music of bands with fewer than 10 fans only, and capsaicin overload at Buffalo Wild Wings.
Dr. Adeeb Zaer, Groomsman – Emergency Medicine Doctor, no one wants to fill you with happiness more than Adeeb – He met Jamie as a member of the 422 apartment at Georgia Tech, and got to know Jamie while pwn1ng n00bs. He enjoys saving lives, his wife Ana, and unnecessary tower diving.
Brett Jones, Groomsman – Computer Scientist, Carnivore, Conservative – He met Jamie as a member of the 422 apartment at Georgia Tech, and got to know Jamie watching the final space shuttle launch together. He enjoys German beer, Sriracha sauce, and spider monkeying up climbing walls. If ever in life you need a buddy to come through for you; don’t worry guys, he knows this song.
Chris Henderson, Groomsman – CNN iOS app designer, purveyor of one good joke per month – He met Jamie as a member of the 422 apartment at Georgia Tech, and got to know him while being meteor smashed on Final Destination over and over and over again. He enjoys the smaller niches in life, including indie film and launching his new card game, “What?!? Oh...” on Kickstarter.
Capt Chris Bair, Captain of the Groom’s Guard – discovered the wheel and built the Eiffel Tower out of metal and brawn – He met Jamie as a fellow C-17 Pilot during an awkwardly long stare while passing each other in the hallway. He got to know him as one of his best friends, roommate, and Murphy’s shuffleboard strategy artisan. He enjoys fancy boxes, poetry and a glass of scotch, scotchy scotch scotch.
Lori, Maid of honor
Occupation - Stay at home mother for her beautiful twins, Ethan and Emma.
Description - Identical twin sister/other half. Best friend entire life. Most amazing person anyone will ever meet. She loves her family more than anything. Lisa's constant love and support.
Known - 29 years or since the womb (0,0,0,0)
Favorite Memory – Coming into my room at 3:30 am with a positive pregnancy test after trying for years. Best gift God has given us yet!
Tiffany, Bridesmaid
Occupation - Contract Admin/Supervisor for CAN
Description - The OTHER twin. Sweet, caring, devoted, passionate loving TT! Known for crazy awesome parties.
Known - Met 5 years ago in a hip hop dance class.
Favorite Memory – Spending 7 hours in a car planning a night club when driving from Florida. Night club was inspired by the Seville Quarters in Pensacola. Would have been epic!
Mallory, Bridesmaid
Occupation – Medical Assistant at University Orthopedics of New York
Description - BEST friend all through college. Sporadic, clumsy, wonderfully talkative and STUNNING. Mally Bally Tally Wally.
Known – 10 years! Met by mistake trying to go into the wrong class. Ended up skipping and getting coffee instead!
Favorite Memory – Cake fight! Mallory’s Barbie cake for her 19th Birthday. This was the most beautiful adorable cake ever but somehow we ended up with it all over us. Some even made it on the dog! Also, when she punched Paul in the face. Good times!
Shea, Bridesmaid
Occupation – Technical sales at MASS Group, Inc.
Description - LOVE OF MY LIFE. Insane, RIDICULOUS, wonderful, passionate, selfless, full of life, shameless (I could go on and on) Tosha/Shea bug.
Known - 10 years. Met at Buffingtons in Milledgeville.
Favorite Memory – Where to begin. Making explosions in your back yard loud enough that neighbors called the cops to report an earthquake. Breaking into the Nuwaubian village only to be escorted out by Putnam county police. Watching Shea walk down the aisle towards the love of her life.
Natalie, Bridesmaid
Occupation – Grad student at University of Colorado Boulder and Operations Support Analyst at Cortech
Description – Beautiful, ambitious, chill, easy going, loveable party girl. NAT BAT!
Known – Five years. Honestly cannot remember where, when or how. But I am glad it happened!!!
Favorite Memory – Breaking into Dragon-Con together. We watched awesome shows, took pictures with some strange characters and ran around the top floors of a hotel being chased by security guards. By far best night of my year!
Shandy, Bridesmaid
Occupation – Mother/Server
Description – Unofficial sister, nurturing, dependable, genuine, honest and not afraid to be herself. Will defend any of her true friends as if we were her own flesh and blood. The gorgeous Shanoah!
Known – 3.5 years
Favorite Memory – White water rafting down the Ocoee River for her Bachelorette party! The entire weekend was a blast. Hard to pick just one good memory. Also, incredible watching her walk down the aisle towards my brother(ish) Janoah Hill.
Alison, Bridesmaid
Occupation – Associate Account Executive for Cadent Medical Communications
Description – GORGEOUS, ambitious, loyal, STUBBORN, best friend through middle school and high school. Ali Cat!
Known – 18 years! First person I met when we moved to GA in 1996
Favorite Memory – We had a ton of fun on our HS Senior trip to Florida and also our trip to Cancun, Mexico! Many memories taking horseback riding and Tennis lessons together. Alison was mine and Lori’s body guard on the bus to school. Mean boys used to make fun of us, Alison would put them in their place. First job together! good ole Burger King. First camp experience at Camp Juliet Lowe! Just about every memory from my teens involves Alison Adams.

For those of you attending the wedding, please do not purchase a wedding gift. You joining the festivities in Hawaii is the best gift we could ask for!
Of course! I’d do anything for Lisa. Jamie is ok too.
I am lamer than a lame man on lame-mans day.
uh...duh we'll be there, free booze right?
To be honest, flying scares the crap out of me. Also, I love Twilight.
I'm in your wedding party idiot, wait... is this optional?
There will be Military men there with swords. AHHH!
Tons of Air Force pilots on a beach (some in uniform)?! Sign me up!
I wish I could but I have prior engagements. Bazinga! I don’t really want to be there.
OMGGG I would fly unicorns with rainbows coming out their butts to come see you get married!!!!
No way, clearly you’re trying to finagle a gift out of me. Or force me to have fun.
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